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Negative ion therapy

What is negative ion therapy

Negative ion therapy involves emersing yourself with an abundance of negative ions, which are negatively charged particles that purify air. All air has negative and positive ions in it and together they strike a balance when air is clean. But pollution tilts that balance in favor of the positive ions, making air unhealthy to breathe.

We all notice the difference in the way air smells and tastes when it is fresh. When you are the mountains or at the ocean, you notice the difference and that's because there are plenty of negative ions in the air. We all also notice, likewise, that when we are in a big city that the air smells and tastes dirty.

Negative ion therapy restores the balance and allows you to be in a clean oxygen environment. Negative ions are antioxidants when breathed into the human body and help fight disease and aging. Negative ion treatment is known to be good for the skin and the immune system.

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The Biomat and Negative Ion therapy

The Biomat is made of seventeen layers of modern technology and amethyst stone. One of the layers is dedicated to artificially producing negative ions.

As you lay on the Biomat, the air around is being filled with negative ions, replenishing the air around you and ensuring that it is the healthies air to breathe.

Together with the infrared heat, the negative ions provide a healing environment like no other.

Fresh air with negative ion therapy The benefits of negative ion therapy

The benefits of negative ion therapy are many. We've discussed above how negative ion therapy is healthy but why? What exactly does negative ion therapy do for your health? Negative ion therapy allows your body to breathe in healthy air that helps:

increases immunity purify blood mood sex
brain focus revitalizes cell function sleeping stress


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