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Military Discount
Richway Military Discount
Richway's Military Discount

Richway appreciates the bravery and service to our country. We would like to thank our military by discounting your Professional Biomat by $100. This takes the price from $1695 to $1595. Richway will also discount the Biomat Professional Package, which includes the Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow by $100.00. Just provide proof of military service with one of these documents (only one is required): DD Form 214, WD AGO 53, WD AGO 55, WD AGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553, NAVMC 78PD, or NAVCG 553. You can text a picture to 850-348-1541 or scan and email it to us at

Many veterans come home with joint, muscle and back pain. Biomats can increase local circulation where applied, excelerating recovery time. The Biomat is FDA approved for back pain, muscle pain, muscle spasms and joint pain.

The Biomat Professional is the lowest cost full body size Biomat available. Its large enough to cover your wholebody while still being light enough to easily store in its suitcase and put away out of sight. Sleep on your Biomat Professional and for those occasional nights of sleeplessness, it can provide a relaxing night's rest.

The Biomat Professional comes with its controller, a cotton pad to keep sweat and dirt off of your Biomat and a hardshell carrying case.

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Professional Biomat with Discount

The Pro Biomat is normally $1650.00
With military documentation, you pay only $1550.00!


Professional Package with Discount

Biomat Package which includes the Amethyst Pillow: Normally $2000.00
With military documentation, you pay only $1900.00!


Buy Now!
Buy Now!
So add the Professional or Professional Package to your healing regime for $100 less. All you have to do is text or email your military document after you order. The Biomat Professional is 31.91"w x 77.81"h. Don't underestimate the power of Amethyst, Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays all working together in synergy to provide relief from back, muscle and joint pain!
Professional Biomat

Please call us with any questions
or if you would rather order over the phone:

(850) 348-1541

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