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Amethyst emits infrared rays

What is Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy gets its healing ability from far infrared rays (FIR), which are light rays at the far end of the infrared spectrum. Infrared rays, when in contact with the human body, penetrate the body up to eight inches and turn into heat, warming the body from the inside out. This is not a contact heat, it is a deeply penetrating warmth that can raise the body's temperature, producing a false fever.

This false fever supports your immune system like a fever would during a cold or flu. Only, because you aren't really sick, the immune system is boosted and fights any other problem with your body, making the body healthier. It has been proven that raising the temperature of your body by one degree can boost your immune system by 40%.

At the same time, the warmth from the infrared rays increases blood circulation, getting nutrition to the cells in your body faster while eliminating toxins and waste quicker too.

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The Biomat and infrared therapy

The Biomat consists of seventeen layers of technology, including a layer that artificially produces infrared rays and a layer that is pure Korean amethyt at the top of the Biomat. The infrared light produced by the Biomat is then shot through the amethyst, a natural emitter of infrared rays and makes those rays 200 times stronger than naturally emitted from the amethyst.

Infrared therapy is good for everyone, however it can be doubly so for professionals who bring the Biomat into their practice either as a courtesy or a value added service. Whether you are a massage therapist, chiropractor or any type of healer, the Biomat will give your clients a unique treatment that they will fall in love with.

Infrared light Benefits of Infrared Therapy

The benefits of infrared therapy are many. We've discussed above how infrared therapy supports the immune system and increases blood circulation and these two benefits alone will improve health greatly, but there are many conditions that the Biomat can help with as well. The Biomat is great for:

arthritis muscle & joint pain muscle spasms back pain
soothing aches increase circulation relaxation focus


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Biomats can be prescribed by doctors so you can be reimbursed by your insurance companies. Most insurance companies recognize the Biomat as a real treatment for many ailments and diseases. Call us or email for details.

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